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Disclaimer: The content on this webblog deals with the murder of a 46 year old American male, there may be graphic details and intense emotions please proceed with caution. This blog is an official source of information from The Gaines Family in regards to Anthony L. Gaines.  On a much lighter note and in an effort to turn a negative into a huge positive please visit the Gaines Day Celebration Events page at

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Case Status of Anthony L. Gaines

Quick summary: Anthony Gaines also known as Tony the T-shirt man was shot one time in the head while he was at his home where he lived with his then girlfriend and her three sons. He died a month later.

For two years the family had no answers. When we asked his then girlfriend she along with the sons said they had no ideal what happened. So for two years the Gaines family has not had any answers. We buried him but we didn't have closer or justice. It seemed like no one cared, just another man in urban America dead. When news an arrest was made based on DNA evidence there was a flush of indescribable relief followed by unmeasurable rage and then came the WHY?  We don't know why yet. The investigation is ongoing which may lead to others arrest. If you have any information please contact the authorities the information is listed below. According to the Attorney the trail can last anywhere from one to five years and maybe even longer. We're prepared to see this case all the way through. All the family wants is for someone to be held accountable for the murder of Anthony L. Gaines.  We want justice and closure so we can begin the healing process. The following is the most recent update of the case status.

December 13, 2018 

Current Case Status: Pending trail and conviction

Next Court date: March 11, 2019  @ 9am Vallejo, Ca with Judge Robert Bowers

Unfortunately the wheels of justice move extremely slow. At first we were so excited about nabbing the killer and hopefully hauling in all that took part in the elaborate cover up after, however this lengthy process has proven to be extremely disappointing. Justice and closure seem so far away yet the anger never dissipates. Please keep the family in your prayers.

October 4, 2018

Current Case Status: Pending trail and conviction

There has been a number of delays and postponements, the next court date is set for November 13, 2018

A new judge has been assigned and the jurisdiction and or the case has been moved to Vallejo Courts instead of Fairfield where the incident took place. The family would prefer that the case be moved further and or outside of Solano county because of the prejudice of the courts. The next update will be in November after court.

July 31, 2018
Current Case Status: Pending trail and conviction

Arraignment has once again been postponed until Friday August 3, 2018

The family was instructed by the attorney that there is a conflict of sorts within the attorneys office in representing the case. Once the actual arraignment is done the accused has 10 days for a preliminary hearing this is considered pre-trail and discovery.  The next update will be after the preliminary hearing set for September 6, 2018.

July 23, 2018

Current Case Status: Pending trail and conviction
The judge set bail at $5 million dollars and postponed the arraignment until Monday July 30th, 2018

July 19, 2018

Current Case Status: An arrest has been made. Hooray Horray

Officers arrested and formally charged a 22 year old male (one of the sons) for the murder of Anthony L. Gaines.

Updated July 1, 2018

Current Case Status: COLD

Date:    May 30, 2016
Time:   1606 Hours (Shooting Reported To Police)
Location:  Harding Street, Fairfield, Solano County, California, United States of America
Cause Of Death:  Gunshot Wound
Manner Of Death: Homicide
Victim:  Anthony L. Gaines 

Date of Birth:  August 16, 1969
Date of  Death: June 27, 2016

Here in the United States of America, in Solano County, California an American male has been assassinated in his own home.  To date no one has been arrested and the investigation has been suspended.   On May 30, 2016 Anthony L. Gaines was fatally shot execution style at his home at 1048 Harding Street in Fairfield, California where he lived with then girlfriend and her three sons. Sadly, Anthony L. Gaines succumbed to his fatal wound a month later, leaving behind six young children and numerous caring and concerned family members.   To date no one has been arrested and the investigators has suspended the investigation thus this case is considered a ‘cold case’. 

As you can imagine the family has been devastated and are living in constant fear. It has been over two years since Anthony’s murder. Police need assistance from anyone who may have seen or heard anything. Gaines was shot once at point blank range in an area where many people were walking and driving by. The community should come together to help solve this violent crime and give the Gaines family some justice. We must do everything we can to rid our society of the evil, murderer or murderous living amongst us.

The family is living in constant fear knowing that a family member can be shot in his own home and seemingly nothing is done about it.

If you have any information regarding the assassination of Anthony L. Gaines the family and the authorities ask that you contact Chief Rick Bender, California Department of Justice 916-554-2700 or Fairfield Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit at 707-428-7600. You can also call the 24-hour tip line at 707-428-7345, Solano Crime Stoppers at 644-7867 or send a text message that begins with Tip FairfieldPD, followed by a text message, to 888777.  

No one is safe until the killer or killers are apprehended. Callers and those who text can remain anonymous.

Get involved.  We need your help in any capacity.

Share this story via twitter,facebook, reddit or where ever. Share your story with us, if you have any information please feel free to email GainesInfo please add "I have info" in the subject line. Your Help and support in any capacity is appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration, please continue to pray for the Gaines family.


The Gaines Family


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