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Our mission is to support, advocate and promote self-sufficiency for all members of our community.
The goal is to enhance and build ongoing relationships through volunteerism between local nonprofits and businesses in their communities to strengthen the sustainability of the nonprofit sector.

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The inaugural Gaines Day Event brought out an overwhelming amount of support from the community as more than 100 leaders, friends, family, sponsors and of course our beloved volunteers, came together to celebrate the first ever venture of this kind:
 'a memorial celebration to honor our fallen loved ones.'

Vallejo, Ca USA -- September 18, 2017   The Gaínes Day Celebration is annual fund raiser event held in the third week of August to raise community awareness, combat senseless violence and to unite urban communities. The event took place August 20th 2017 at The beautiful Crest Ranch park in the Country Club Crest, California where the sunsets are always breathtaking.    
"Although the event got off to a rocky start it turned out to be even bigger and better then what we imagined. The intense LOVE from this community overshadowed any and all negativity." stated Dee Sims, Senior Event Planner and Managing Partner of she goes on to say "unfortunately, we didn't meet our fundraising goal, however we exceeded all the others: we brought the community together, we honored our fallen loved ones and we raised awareness about since less violence in our community."
Special guest appearance from Thizz Entertainment Romper Room was in the building as well as Crew Thang as always doing Thangs, producer of ‘Military Minded’ Goldy Alamin was present. The Pitch Dark Family showed up and showed out with a video shoot of the hit song 'Stayin in my Lane' by Bow-Low,  Rapper, Producer and President of Shawp Entertainment.

Bishop Bryan Harris and First Lady Kelly Harris of Emmanuel Temple Apostolic Church was in attendance as well as Tamala Keene CEO of, Annette Little, President of the Federal Terrace Reunion.  Others in attendance included: Pearl Ryan, John Hardy, Nelly Lewis, Wes from the Crest,  Nitsa Green, Eric Boler, James McFarland, Ronisha Magee, Lonnie, Niko Landers, Tony Monroe, Eric Jones and Feltina Payne.

"The professional catering done by Pissay Bar B Que was a hit with everyone that got a chance to wrap their lips around his melt in your mouth ribs and chicken if you ever need fall off the bones, good, flavorful barbecue he is the person to hire, of course he doesn't come cheap but well worth it. Awesome, absolutely delicious" stated Jazmyne Boatman Executive Board Member of,

The Gaines Day Board members are volunteers and the volunteers cannot be overlooked for if they had not showed up and showed out, this event would have been a total fail. So special thanks to the Vice President Quanika Jones and her leadership savviness as well as a personal thank you to our current board members: Chairman Daunte Jones, Wilbert Stone, Ivory Jones, Orlando Graham, Marc Tarver, Chris Landers, Jai Jones, Michael Garrott, Larry Horn, Tyrone Jones.

Thank you to our sponsors again without their love, loyalty and dedication this event could not have happened.  

The Country Club Crest | Gaí | Shawp Entertainment | Kings Market and

We need your help!! Become a board member, partner, sponsor or volunteer.  "There is plenty of room for improvement and opportunity, leadership is where it all begins. Our next leadership retreat is in November 2017, where we will go back to the drawing board, talk about what worked and what didn't, make the adjustments and come back next year,” stated Minister Joseph Armstrong, 1st President of Gaines Day Celebration. Thank you everyone for your love and support.


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