Mending Wings, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, a support engine for the nonprofit community. Whether you are fundraising for the first time or putting on a gala extraordinaire, Mending Wings, Inc. work with your organization to provide resources, ideas and opportunities to make an

incredible impact for the causes you care about.

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Dear Friends and Family and Volunteers of Mending Wings Inc.

As we head into the holiday season, I wanted to send you a message from the heart:
My journey has been spiritually and emotionally trying just recently, I lost a few of my closest relatives and my best friend and brother.   This season of death and devastation hasn't stopped me from pursuing my passion of making the world a better place before I leave.  Mending Wings Inc was created to do just that, to help the community by creating employment opportunities, and by launching an annual event catered to nonprofit organization, volunteerism and the communities they serve. 

I am happy to say that staying focus has paid off.

Your generosity and your ongoing support inspires me to stay focus and to continue moving forward in spite of all the many set backs.

I hope you take pride in what we have done together:
*    We had four board meetings, our first Leadership Retreat our 2nd Annual
     Gaines Day Celebration and we have developed a relationship with two local businesses.
*    We were granted 501©3 status and are considered a legitimate nonprofit as
      determined by the Internal Revenue Service. (This makes us an official nonprofit exempt
      from taxes.  It also mean you and anyone else can make a charitable donation to
      Mending Wings Inc.)
*   We applied for but did not receive an operating grant of $250k, however that has  
      not stopped us. (We have our eye on a couple of grant opportunity in the upcoming year
      plus we will be set up soon to take donation via the website instead of by mail only. )
*    We also volunteered close to 100 hours of service with nonprofits like Break the Barrier, 
      Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross and  American Lung Association. Join a volunteer group
      if you haven’t done so. ‘We bring the Fun’ is a fun group that's about people like you
      giving back to the community by volunteering for cause you care about.

Goals for 2019
*       To continue building relationships, partnerships and sponsorships with local
         businesses, nonprofits and friends of MWI.
*       To launch a user/volunteer-friendly website and social media campaign
*       To host at least three Gaines Day Celebrations in Solano, Fresno & Sacramento County
*       To continue researching and developing our ‘We Bring the Fun” campaign
*       and recruit 100 volunteers to barter 1000 volunteer service hours in 2019

There's still plenty to do and if you haven't done so please sign up to become a
Volunteer | Donate | Get Involved and/or get on board to become a board-member.
Feel free to contact the Dee Sims at Dee.Sims or you can always call 707-437-6505
she will send you the application and duties as they may apply.

You make all this work possible.
The gift of giving is a powerful one, and to this day I find more joy in giving than I ever have in receiving. I have also become acutely aware of the intangible gifts this life has bestowed upon me, of family and friendship, health and happiness, knowledge and Mending Wings Inc., all of which mean much more than any one material item.

This is why I wanted to invite you to join me in celebrating this season of giving, and ask you to consider donating to Mending Wings. Your gift will enable us to continue our mission, and to embark upon even more ambitious projects in the new year. 

No worries if you’re not in a position to give financially, we’d love for you to help spread the word about Mending Wings to your family, friends and colleagues, business associates, non profits and anyone else that wants to be a part of game changing nonprofit in it's infancy.

Wishing you and yours a warm and cozy holiday season,

and a healthy and prosperous new year.

Wilbert Stone

Wilbert Stone

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Mending Wings Inc. mission is to enhance and build ongoing relationships between local nonprofits and business in their communities

to strengthen the sustainability of the nonprofit sector.
'We bring the Fun' for the causes you care about.

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